What our Clients are saying…

“Dear Rico and band,

As the newly (self) appointed president of your Red hook based fan club, I would like to thank you so much!!

We stopped in Kingston for a quick and seemingly quiet bite to eat and to your amazement it quickly morphed and became a true “surprise party.” WOW did we have a blast, you were fantastic and the shared energy was, well… amazing and exhilarating. The second surprise was when unexpectedly four more of our RH friends came in… How luck were we??!!

We will be at the Hyde Park brewery in force on December 3rd and yes we will be front and center. Todd & Karen, Kim & Frank, Frank and Janet and all the rest of our gang will be there.

Warmest Regards, Todd”

“You were RIGHT! Match made in heaven! I think Eamonn may be your biggest fan now! hahaha you guys are FANTASTIC and we are definitely coming to see you play either the 8th, 21st or 22nd. As soon as we know which date I’ll let you know. We just keep playing you guys on youtube. Eamonn likes your music so much he had me hook the computer up to the surround sound and we’ve been listening since 7PM…. it’s now 9:30 and we are still singing and dancing along to you guys! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Beatles one you did, that’s a MUST for our wedding!!!! And Eddie and the Cruisers! Awesome! Also you’re wife Dianna kicks ass too! Can she come and sing a few too? OK well I’ll get back to you Monday definitely to get down to business… the big question… PRICE.

You guys are amazing, please let the rest of the band know that there’s a Sicilian Polish Jewish woman and Irish man that love you! :-)”

“Rich Suave’s Chimps and Tuxedos –

Thank you once again for providing the musical entertainment for our annual Holiday Party for children with chronic illnesses! You guys create the life of the party and really made many of our children’s day! It was great to see everyone up there dancing! Thank you so much for getting everyone up and moving – we cant wait until next year!

Thanks as always,

Kane Papp”

“Greg Woolston

July 20, 2016 at 1:36 PM wrote:

I just wanted to say a big thanks to Richie and the fabulous Americana Oak Band for doing such a stellar job at our wedding! Everyone had a great time and we had many compliments on the music selection. From start to finish Richie handled the arrangements very professionally and had everything ready before the ceremony. It made our lives easier and we never had to worry about music during any breaks.

Thanks again, Gregg & Pam”

“Jonathan Fox

Jonathan Fox currently lives in Sullivan County. Having written for film and television, he now concentrates his efforts on novels, plays and assorted periodicals, along with his weekly “Humble Opinion” on life in the Catskills.

Jhonathan Writes after seeing the band:

Late for a date with a band named “Rico Suave’s Chimps in Tuxedos” at the Dancing Cat Saloon (www.dancingcatsaloon.com) in Bethel…Although they were not dressed in formal wear, and I was running behind schedule, the musicians were playing (and singing) their hearts out by the time I arrived. Rico Suave (still unsure what’s behind the name), Richard Cottet, Bill Tamburrino and Jeff MacAulay were rocking the house. Having done my homework (www.chimpsintuxedos.com), I already knew that although relatively newly formed, the group is comprised of guys who “grew up listening to, and playing music of the ‘40s and ‘50s,” and have a great love of classic rock and Motown, all of which they perform. I’m not sure what I expected, but their covers of “House Is A Rockin,” “Sugar Pie Honey Bunch,” “Round Midnight,” and Van Morrison’s “Domino” were (IMHO) beyond fabulous. Incredibly tight harmonies, stellar vocals and amazing mastery of the instruments combined to entertain the crowd throughout two full sets. Couples danced, singing along to the familiar tunes of assorted generations, and I was swept along, glad to be a part of the experience. Unaware of the chimps until now, I’m happy to have made their acquaintance and will go out of my way to hear them again.”

“Town of Lloyd fireworks celebration packs Town Park

by FRANCES MARION PLATT on Jul 8, 2016 • 6:30 am

The dangerous thunderstorms that rained out New Paltz’s planned fireworks display on Friday ended up doing a favor for the Town of Lloyd by clearing much of the oppressive heat and humidity out of the air in time for its own pre-Independence Day celebration on Sunday evening. Temperatures were verging on cool by the time a salmon-and-purple sunset faded into dusk and the crowds filling Town Park in the Highland hamlet were settling down for the spectacular half-hour sky show.

The partying had been well underway for several hours by the time darkness fell, with motorists being turned away from filled-up parking lots at the Highland Middle School by 7 p.m. From a makeshift stage on the back of a flatbed truck, the six-piece Ulster-Dutchess County-based Americana Oak Band raised the energy level with classic rock tunes like “Piece of My Heart,” “The Shape I’m In,” “The Letter,” “Vehicle” and “Hotel California.” Whenever they took a break, a deejay from Mix 97 took over with recorded hits.”


“Red Hook Fan Club

Hi Rico and the band!!!

You were all fantastic as usual and we had such a great time.

We were 26 strong.. Go Red Hook Fan Club!!

We are no officially “Chimp O Halics”

Can’t wait till next time… see you all soon, about 30 to 45 days??

(can’t do the Hudson Elks, sorry)

Thanks again for allowing Chris to sing, he and we certainly enjoyed and appreciate it!

Warmest regards (at -10 thats important)

Todd, the president of the RH chapter of your fan club”